About Rama Naturalistic Medicine

"Devashish Akshay Jeevan Jal" is indeed a God gifted natural medicated combination of many herbs.

I am proud to acclaim that my sole inspiration to enter into this innovative venture is my late grand father (Nanaji) Lion Pt.Kamta Prasad Misra, as a young boy, his influence in my upbringing was phenomenal. "Babuji" as we affectionately addressed him was truely a towering personality. He was a great lover of Nature in all its aspects and always subscribed to the principle of naturopathy.

I therefore, dedicate my product 'Devashish Akshay Jeevan Jal' to Babuji, whose blessings are always with me in all my endeavours


My inspiration

He gave me the constituents of this medicine which he had got from his ancestors and further it would be passed on to my next generations. My father was a man with simple living and thus he even opted his philosophy in various physical and mental elements of life.

He had a deep inclination towards nature to cure diseases or to maintain a good healthy life. He thus opted the constituents of this medicine from nature.

My earlier generations used to practice that medicine and even I from the starting of my childhood I would like to clear that there are no chemical equations involved in the medicine but are the substances received are directly from nature. It’s a natural solution that should be regularly taken in order to be free from various bio-chemical disorders.

I therefore had the sole desire to present it in front of you all so that others can also enjoy the benefits of the medicine.

In last I would like to conclude that anyone who practices the medicine would be benefited surely, also thanks for the one who opted the medicine in their regular life.


Myself Raja Shukla

Myself Raja Shukla, M.Sc. in Military Science. One day my left leg’s Vericose Vein valve was burst and my leg was having heavy swelling and pain, I went  to consult a doctor and he said there is no medicine to prevent this problem but surgery is there which is not so effective for a long time.Then a question was raised to me that what could be done to completely cure the problem.Doctor said, try to sit during  work, but it was not possible for me because I am basically a ‘Dam site contractor’. So, I decided to go through naturopathy and then started practising the formula. Formula was the combination of natural seeds nad herbs which was given to me from my great grand father Late Lion K.P.Mishra in my childhood. I got relief from my problem. Afterwards I concluded that human body health is restored only when the detoxification is 110% from each cell of the body through elimination system of human body and I started giving suggestions to my friends to take my medicine and get relief from 365 diseases and inherent tendencies. I have a team of 15 families who are taking my hydro based medicine regularly. As a result, my Naturopathist team gave me a suggestion to do regular practice for all and now I am manufacturing this ‘Devashish Akshay Jeevan Jal’ commercially. Hundreds of other persons are also taking my medicine and are relieved from several diseases.

(Me with Babuji)

15/05/1930 - 06/03/2008
Late Sh.Shashi Dutta Shukla (I.A.S.)
(Chairman Railway Recruitment Board, Trivendrum)
(Advisor, Coal India Ltd.)


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