Organic Farming, Post Cattle Treatment


Introduction :-

India is a land which has been known for agriculture and farming as its major livelihood for decades and for that majority known as farmers, this is a paternal job and has a respect and devotion associated with their job and land also. Today organic agriculture is a necessity for human health but for organic fertilizer cattle dung and urine is essential. In order to have healthy compost we should have healthy cattles also. Ramanaturopathy has developed healthy water for cattles by combination of 16 herbs and seeds. Once we obtain a rich compost from cattles we treat it with herbs and seeds to obtain a highly nourished fertilizer for plants.

We have developed a 2.5 acre land in tarasevaniya, district bhopal in which 400 fruit plants of mango, guava, indian gooseberry etc have been planted along with vegetables.

Apart from control over climatic conditions if we emphasize on natural compost/biodynamic preparation the crop would be beneficial and would serve an additional advantage in our ecosystem. Harvest obtained from this organic cultivation is also good for human health. As we know that many of the disease widespread in today’s era are a result of our non-organic cultivation.

Rama Naturopathy is constantly providing its contribution in Naturopathy and providing a herbal supplement through infusion of herbal seeds in water for human/cattle/soil health. After the final procurement of herbal water the waste combined with organic manures can be used as rich compost for cultivation. So obtained compost is a highly nurtured fertilizer for plant and is totally natural.

Organic Pesticides :-

Commonly pesticides used in modern era are hazardous to health, but are in common use. The basic principle of organic farming lies in nature, therefore in organic farming there is no place of chemicals. Use of traditional pesticides effect in same way and does not affect plant yield either. For the same we have planned a pesticide by combination of natural elements like neem oil, tulsi, clove oil, garlic oil, eucalyptus oil and cow urine etc. This type of developed pesticide will also enrich soil quality. Cow dung and urine as a major product to be used in compost and pesticide would be available through above mentioned Gaushalas. A small note to be mentioned that Rama Naturopathy has served its supplement medicine for the use of cows and cattle in the same and better results were obtained in growth, nourishment and milk productivity.