Enjoying a long healthy life through D.A.J.Jal :-

In the modern day,we are exposed to increased toxic effect due to highly polloted environments,bad eating habits and odd sleeping rest,lack of exercise,increased use of drug and medicines,great mental and physical strain etc. All leading to weak immune system, detoxification, elimination system resulting in over-all poor health. To over come this decay in health,"Devashish Akshay Jeevan Jal" is God gifted natural medicated combination of herb. Removing all toxic material from the human body through elimination system from each cell. It is well known that natural medicine has been the primary medicine used by most of the human community even into the 21 century. Herbal and traditional natural medicated combination of herbs. Primary medical choice of over 65% of humanity. D.A.J. Jal has execellent effects in maintaining the health in total . It not only improves one's constituion, but also strengthens the immune system, Over all health and longivity of healthy life. It help in normalizing function of various organs of the Body by effecting all the body cell and makes a person bio-Chemically,Physically,Mentally,Socially,and Spiritully healthy long life. It is a wonderful medicine to achieve the goal of a good and sound health by detoxification of each cell of body. Since this only detoxifies,your body,a patient is advised to continue his normal allopathic medicine along with this till he finds improvement in his sickness and slowly reduce medicines in consultation with his docto. In fact we have not left any stone unturned in manufacturing this product. At the harmony of the human being, apart from cost and creed. The medicine can be used by any one without any tear and fear.

We have developed a herbal water for human health. Our herbal water improves/upgrade upto the generation of cells related to;

Lever, Kidney & Metabolic functions. Upon these three systems, improves ones immune system & detoxification level rises and the body is highly bio-chemically balanced and enters in self-cleansing, self-healing and then self-cure and then re-generation of cells starts.

If one is suffering with any chronic disease & is taking allopathic treatment, he should continue & check the level every 90 days bio-chemically and reduce the medicine accordingly.

The drinking analysis has been done by IITR (Lko)

The technologies are of membrane filtration with high pressure micron filtration, as only elements of use are permeate for human being. In fact by mixing the herbs & being post through membrane. Thus, we have by-passed lever function and we have not left any stone unturned in selecting right deification and medicine. The left over extract is medicine for plants and cattle.

The medicine is 110% safe and having no side-effects.

Inventor's analysis on symptoms

It has been observed that nearing the age of about 30 years, the body starts inherent tendencies and with in 10-15 years he is in grip of some serious diseases. Symptoms of inherent tendencies are as;

1. Motion leaves shape
2. Black circles around eyes
3. Blackish elbow with stiffness
4. Feeling tired in evening
5. Reduced diet and gastro problems
6. Reduced de-toxification system and appetite


After entering in inherent foundering it means that the immune system has problem in regeneration of cells. Then it neglects any of these organs; Lever, Kidney, Heart, Pancreas depends on ones consituation, which ever part neglected the person will have problem and hence the detoxification is directly effected.

Why only these organs?

Because these organs have long life of cells, other then neglected part, rest regeneration will continue as it is.

If the body is bio-chemically disbalanced and coordination of five systems disturbs ;

1) digestive system
2) blood system
3) detoxification system
4) respiratory & branctis system
5) nuro system

Naturalistic Characterstics

1) no pollution
2) herbal waste is fertilizer for plants
3) membrane waste is medicine for cattle
4) 110% No side effects (No Statistic)

At last, human body must be highly bio-chemically balanced and high coordination between 5 systems just like four-wheels, just like gold weighing machine, that means in equilibrium, neither max nor min. in between seen.

And then you feel health is wealth.
Honesty is costly, don't expect it on cheaper cost.



Cost : :

Just Rs.1,000/- per Liter
One pack of 3 bottles is essential to judge the effectivness of the medicine

Consessions :

  1. Senior citizens will always enjoy the consession of 20%
  2. Ex.Servicemen and active servicemen in 3 armed forces will also enjoy the consession of 20%
  3. On yearly package get 20% discount
  4. 20% discount on yearly package provided to everyone.


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