"Devashish Akshay Jeevan" Has Naturalistic Character

  1. No restriction with any pathay.
  2. No restriction in diet till cleansing of body.
  3. Fiber waste is for plants natuarl fertilizer.
  4. Membrane filtered extract is medicine for cattles.
  5. Total process has gone in scientific equipments (No biological reaction)
  6. During manufacturing No Air, Soundand Heat pollution.
  7. 110% No side effect.
  8. Medicine is based on hydrotheraphy and is far from Aquatic Toxicology.

Aquatic parameters : the water use for our medicine is put through rigrous multi-stage purification which include micron filtration and ozonization we also added magnisium sulphate and potassium biocorbonate to meet the hygenic requirement of human body and to preservation of medicine.


Devashish Akshay Jeevan Jal

  • Lipid Lowering Activity
    1. Total Cholesterol - 22%
    2. Phospholipids - 23%
    3. Triglycarides - 23%
  • Antioxidant activities
    1. Superoxide Anion Showed 30% Inhibition
    2. Hydroxil Radical Shows 25% Inhibition
  • Antidiabitic Activity
    1. Glucose Tolerance 20% Lowering

The Human body has an inmate abilty to heal & cure itself, cure vital force promotes self cleansing, self repair and therefore self health.This Process can be achieved by focusing on immune,hormonal,nervous and detoxification, elimination syatem of the boby.Once these system aare balance and highly co-ordinated then only human health is restored.


Contains of Medicine and Health Benefit :

  1. Alkaloids - Act on a diversity of metabolism system in human body.
  2. Flavonids - Anti - allergic ,, - inflammatory Anti - microbial
  3. Glycosides - Analgesic, Antipyretic, Anti flammatory.
  4. Proteins - Structure and Function of all living cell, muscle, cartilage, ligaments, skin and hair.
  5. Carbohydrates - Energy.
  6. FAT (Fixed oil) - Reserves energy for the body.
  7. Free sugar - Help in Plasma, proteins, harmones and enzymes.
  8. Amino Acid - Helps in synthesis of hemoglobin. ESSENTIAL for Growth & maintenance of life.
  9. SAPONINS - Lowering the body's over all level of cholesterol, antioxidant, improve immune system.
  10. Triter Penes - Promoting a wound healing and anti scarring property.
  11. Tannin - Help in production of vitamin-D.
  12. Sodium - Maintains a balance of water in body fluids & tissues help adrenal glands.
  13. Potassium - Help in hypertension, blood pressure and heart function.
  14. Magnesium - Upgrades heart health, strengthen and formations of bones and teeth.
  15. Iron - Increases hemoglobin and muscle protein, transport oxygen to our each body cell.
  16. Phosphate - Transmission of nerve impulses. Help kidneys excreting water.
  17. Chloride - Contribute to maintain osmotic pressure, acid base balance, muscular activity and movement of water between fluid compartment.
  18. Vitamin-K - Improve the function of pancreas.
  19. Vitamin-C - Antioxidant, responsible for holding body cell together, improve immune system, keep your gum healthy.
  20. Gallic Acid - Antifungal and antiviral properties, protect body cell agents oxidative damage.
  21. Succinic acid - Compensate for energy drain in the body and brain, boosting awareness, concentration and reflexes and reducing stress.
  22. Chebulinic Acid - Strengthens cardio, vascullar contraction.
  23. Mucilage - Important natto characteristics.
  24. Phosphoric Acid - Help in Orthodontics and anti nausea medications.
  25. Nicotinic Acid - Participates in more than 50 metabolic functions help in detoxification functions, production of sex and adrenal harmones.
  26. Ellagic acid - Help in replacing dying body cell with healthy one's.
  27. Linoleic acid - Maintaining balance of essential fatty acid in body.
  28. Oleci Acid - Mexewell and Microfacial improvement of body.
  29. Beta sitosteral - Helpful in urological problems.
  30. Manitol - Ultimate cleanser of the body toxic substance.
  31. Oxalic acid - Great antioxidant.